CIRC E-Newsletter- August 2016

Respected Members,

“Opportunities, good luck and right people are like sunrise, they come every day but if you take

too long to wake up, you are going to miss them”

I sit on the shores, occasionally getting wet, as the sea of knowledge and wisdom roars in its calm. I shall be a seeker always- seeking to know, seeking to learn, seeking to improve. To all those, who have taught me how to be wiser, more understanding, more compassionate, I offer my gratitude. And to life, the ultimate guru, I shall always be thankful for teaching me the joy of flying and the wisdom of being grounded.

The event of mega counseling held at all branches was a real great success as conducted simultaneously on the same day, 15th July 2016 at all branches. It was attended by more than 10,000 Nos across the Central region and it was for the first time this was held in any Region. I appreciate the extended hands of our branch managing committee members for making the event successful. No circle is possible without a centre, a point which can bear the prick and allow the circumference to be drawn. We are proving to be that center.

Office Bearers
CIRC Newsletter - August 2016

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